Welcome to The Church of St. Augustine.

Dear Friends in Christ,

Peace of Christ and welcome to St. Augustine Church! St. Augustine Parish was formed in 1929 with Fr. Thomas A. Robinson as the first pastor. For close to a century the members of our parish community have experienced the joy of following Christ and being fed by Him spiritually in the word of God and in the sacraments of the Church. It is my hope that you will find our website helpful and that you will be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful community that calls St. Augustine Church their home. More importantly, I pray that you will be led to experience the joy of our community at Holy Mass and in the celebration of the sacraments. In his biography, The Confessions, our holy patron St. Augustine writes that “our hearts are restless, O Lord, until they rest in you.” May you find that rest and the ineffable peace of Christ here at St. Augustine Church, and come to know more deeply the God who created you for love and to be an instrument of that love for others. Welcome!

Fr. Christopher Mahar